Scrap Steel

Scrap Steel can be found almost anywhere, both in business and residential environments. Even just driving around your neighbourhood you may be able to see scrap metal placed on the kerb for collection. Anything from household appliances, car parts, gym equipment  farm machinery and manufacturing machinery and much  more.

Scrap Steel – Keeping it simple

Scrap Steel can be broken down into a number of grades and in saying that scrap steel prices are affected by the different grades. For the general public the main grade one would deal in would be ‘Black Iron’ (also called ‘Shredder’) which basically means contaminated scrap steel. Contaminated scrap steel basically means steel with foreign attachments such as plastics and foam (washing machines and fridges), timber, and also other non ferrous metals.

Another grade is clean steel which has no contaminants an example wood be roofing iron or steel fencing.

Scrap Cars are normally sold separate to other steel as the scrap yard will generally pull the car apart to remove the engine and gear box as this can contain a lot of aluminium, the rims can contain aluminium, the battery contains lead and the catalytic convertor contains a number of precious metals.

Heavy steel is another grade of scrap steel which can be broken into a number of grades depending on the thickness and length. It would be advisable to check with your local scrap metal yard to see their grades and requirements.