Aluminium Radiator Scrap

scrap aluminium radiator
This Radiator is a example of a contaminated radiator. Note the Plastic Tanks top and bottom

Aluminium radiator scrap generally come from the engine of cars. They are also in vans, trucks, and machinery. When it comes to selling your aluminium radiator scrap it is recommended  to know whether you have clean or contaminated scrap radiators.

The difference is simple, does your scrap aluminium radiator have plastic tanks on top or bottom? Steel brackets? If no to all the above then your radiator is clean.

Aluminium Radiator Scrap
This is a example of a clean radiator. Note the tanks and brackets are aluminium not steel or plastic

If your scrap radiator does have contaminants that’s fine, scrap metal dealers will still buy your radiator however at a lower price. Consider removing any contaminants before heading the scrap metal dealer.