Aluminium Copper Radiator

Alloy Copper Radiators are found in a number of places including Air Conditioners and Refrigeration Units. They consist of aluminium fins with a number of copper pipes running through it.

alloy copper radiator scrap
This is an example of clean aluminium copper radiators. Note if they had steel sides they would be considered contaminated

Like most other scrap metal scrap metal dealers buy they are graded as either clean or contaminated. Clean is exactly that, it has no contaminants at all and should consist of ONLY aluminium and copper.

Contaminated Aluminium Copper Radiators usually have steel sides. The price difference between the two is minimal roughly about 10% less than the clean aluminium copper radiator.

Commonly found where?

  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigeration units


  1. Air conditioning units can loose the refrigerant over time and need replacing, you can pull the unit apart and recover the aluminium and copper radiator.
  2. It is not worthwhile trying to separate the copper from the aluminium in the radiators. They are best sold as a combined product.
  3. It is easy to remove any steel attachments from the ends of the dirty radiators by using a hand grinder. Be sure to use protective glasses and gloves.