What is Lead?

Lead is a metal that is known to be highly resistant to corrosion. Soft, malleable, and bluish-white in colour. Lead is one of the first known metals. In fact, its origins date back about 5,000 years. In the past, it was used for petroleum additives. It was also used for soldering as well as cable sheathing. But, because of its toxicity (chronic exposure to lead can cause brain damage), the use of lead has been reduced considerably.

Common Uses

scrap lead can be sold for cash
Sheet of lead used for roofing is a common source of scrap lead

Lead has a number of applications and can be found in a number of places. The easiest of which to think of would be Lead sinkers used for fishing. Lead is used in roofing, plumbing and electrical trades to name a few.

Commonly Found Where?

  • Sinkers used for fishing
  • Lead Flashing used on roofing
  • Lead wheel weights used to balance tyres
  • Lead sheathing for armouring electrical wiring

Grades of Scrap Lead

The main grades of lead are as follows-

Clean Soft Lead- Means exactly that it is clean soft lead with no contaminants such as timber, ceramic tiles or tin or steel. So stuff like fishing sinkers, lead flashing, solder etc…

Contaminated Soft Lead- As above however with the contaminants

Lead Wheel Weights- The heading is self explanatory for this one.

Scrap Lead Tips and Cautions

  1. Like all scrap, when selling your scrap lead it is important to keep your clean and contaminated lead separate. The last thing you would want is to jeopardise the price you will receive for your scrap lead.
  2. When you feel like you are ready to sell your scrap, we recommend calling all the scrap metal dealers in your area and try to obtain the best price. The more of one type of scrap you have the better the chance of obtaining a higher price per Kg.