Copper Number 2

Copper Number 2  includes minor attachments/impurities.

Copper Number 2 Various types
Copper Number 2 Various types

Copper Number 2  is generally any Copper with solder joins. It may also have paint and or tar impurities. It can also include Copper windings from electric motors and transformers. Copper number 2 is also windings that have lacquer and or oil impurities. Copper Number 2 is normally upgraded to Copper Number 1 by removing any sections that contain solder or paint.  It is normally removed by use of a grinder or alligator shears.

 Copper Number 2 is Commonly found where?

  • Plumbing
  • Copper Tanks
  • In electric motors
  • Copper radiators
  • TV yokes


  1. When pulling apart transformers there are normally both aluminium and copper windings. You can tell the difference by the weight or by using a file to scratch the lacquer coating. If it’s alloy then it will be silver grey and if copper it will be a reddish colour.
  2. Most plumbing removed from houses and buildings can easily be separated into different grades of copper and brass using a grinder. Normally Copper No2 will only be the Copper joins or painted sections of pipe.
  3. Copper wire recovered from Electric Motors and TV yokes is normally covered in a lacquer which downgrades the wire to Copper No2.

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