Copper Number 1

Copper number 1 is uncoated, clean, unalloyed  and free of attachments.

copper 1 is a great price at the moment
Copper 1. Clean un painted, un alloyed can be sold for good coin

Copper Number 1 is usually Bare, uncoated, unalloyed copper  free of attachments. This can range from piping, sheet, rod and in some cases copper cable. However in some countries and states the requirement of different companies may vary as some may also want tube separated form sheet or other coppers so just check with your local dealer to see how they want it separated.

In a lot of cases you are able to remove any joins or solder and attachments form Copper Domestic and Copper No2 to upgrade the clean section of Copper  pipe and sheet to Copper Number 1.

Copper Number 1 is Commonly found where?

  • Plumbing
  • Water Tanks (no alloy or rivets)
  • Building Sites
  • Kerbside Collections
sell copper number 1 for cash
Copper Number 1 has no solder, brass or coating.


  1.  It takes very little time to upgrade Domestic copper to No1 or No2 Copper but in fact may reduce the overall value of the original product as any brass or other metals removed will be reduced in value and the remaining copper although worth more per kilo may be of less value than the original Domestic copper.
  2. However it can be worthwhile cutting the joins from No. 2 Copper and upgrading the clean copper to No.1 Copper. Just ensure there is no solder or paint on the No1.


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