Copper Insulated Cable

Copper insulated cable with plugs removed
Copper insulated cable with plugs removed

Copper Insulated Cable is Copper cable that is insulated in a plastic sheath is found almost everywhere. It can be separated into various different grades depending on the company buying it from you.  We will cover the main grades that we deal in .


CIL – Copper Insulated Low: Is cable that has multilayers of plastic and the plugs still connected, it can also include Christmas lights and automotive cables (some buyers want automotive cable and Christmas cable kept separate).

CIW – Copper Insulated Wire: Is cable tha t has multilayers of plastic and has had all electrical plugs removed. Includes power cables from appliances, old electrical wiring from houses and buildings.

CIH – Copper Insulated High: Is normally cables that have a single layer of plastic but can be multilayered depending on the percentage of copper recovered. We normally separate into 65, 75 and 85 percent, we are able to assess the percentage of copper by taking a section of the cable may be a metre Long and weighing it then remove the plastic and weigh it again, you should then be able to work out what percentage of copper is recovered.

If you strip the plastic insulation from the outside of the copper, the remaining copper is normally Bright and Shiny Copper, be sure however that it is not sticky which would down grade it to Copper No1 or No2.

Commonly found where?

  • Electrical Wiring in houses and buidings
  • Power cables from home appliances
  • Wiring in appliances
  • Kerbside collection of appliances
  • Computer cables
  • Electricians


  1. It is illegal (in most countries and states) to remove the plastic covers from electrical cables by burning them off, they should only be removed by stripping the plastic covers and then sending the plastic residue to a plastics recycler.
  2. When upgrading Copper Insulated Cable from CIL to CIW make sure you leave at least 30 cm (12 inches) of cable on the plugs and mix with other CIL otherwise if you leave no cable on the plugs it is worthless .
  3. Place any cable you are stripping in the sun for an hour before stripping and you will find it easier to strip.

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