Copper Domestic

Copper Domestic with non copper attachments/impurities

copper domestic can be sold for cash
Copper can be sold for cash money

Copper Domestic is one of the most common types of copper. It is sold to scrapyards by the general public.  It mainly comprises copper piping with brass fittings such as taps. Also elbows and various other brass attachments, it however cannot contain other types of metal such as steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Common sources of Copper Domestic are copper piping and fittings from the plumbing in houses and other buildings. Also on old hot water cylinders, some kettles and boilers, house guttering, ( although most guttering is either steel or aluminium) . It may also include water tanks and water catching trays from under water tanks. In some cases copper brass radiators may be classed as copper domestic.

Copper Domestic pipes may have soldered joins and possibly brass fittings soldered to it. The mixture of brass and solder in the material reduces the value, as further processing has to be done to remove the soldered joins and brass fittings.

Domestic copper will normally have a minimum of 88% copper content however some companies will allow a lower copper content.

Commonly found where?

  • Plumbing
  • Building Sites
  • Kerbside collection


  1. It takes very little time to upgrade Domestic copper to No1 or No2 Copper but in fact may reduce the overall value of the original product as any brass or other metals removed will be reduced from Domestic Copper value and the remaining copper although worth more per kilo may be of less value than the original Domestic copper. However it can be worthwhile cutting the joins from No. 2 Copper and upgrading the clean copper to No.1 Copper.

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