Copper Bright and Shiny

Copper bright and shiny
Copper bright and shiny is acquired by stripping electrical wire

Copper Bright and Shiny is one of the highest value copper grades. It is normally found by stripping the plastic insulation from the outside of Copper cables. Bright and Shiny can not have any impurities like lacquer or adhesive on the surface.

When removing the plastic insulation from the copper, be mindful of recycling the plastic waste with a plastics recycler. It is not normally recommended to strip insulation from domestic, data, or other low recovery cables. You will create a lot of waste with a minor increase in revenue.


 Copper Bright and Shiny Tips:

  1. Before stripping Copper Insulated cable to recover Copper Bright and Shiny make sure you place it in the sun for at least half an hour as this will soften the plastic and make it easier to strip.
  2. When stripping CIH grade cable we have found it easier to cut the cable into short lengths and then use a Stanley knife and run the blade down the length of the cable and then pull the plastic insulation off the Copper Bright andShiny 
  3. Copper Bright and Shiny can not have any impurities on the surface of the copper such as lacquer or adhesive.

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