Irony Aluminium

Sell Irony Aluminium for scrap metal
Aluminium Wheel rim with tyre is classed as Irony Aluminium

Irony Aluminium is probably one of the lowest valued of all the scrap aluminium. This grade of aluminium works on a recovery percentage amount.

Generally the more the aluminium content, the more it is worth. Starting at around the 50% recovery mark may get you roughly 30% of the value of the domestic aluminium price. For example, consider a aluminium gearbox, Aluminium shell however all the cogs etc.. are made from steel, generally returning 50% aluminium and 50% steel by weight.

sell scrap irony for cash
scrap gearboxes are a perfect example of scrap irony aluminium

Commonly found where?

  • Anywhere, apart from steel, probably one of the most common form of scrap metal sold for cash
  • Aluminium Wheel Rims with the rubber attached
  • Air conditioners are generally higher grade Irony

Irony Aluminium Tips:

  1. Consider upgrading your product to the next level, such as removing contaminants to upgrade to domestic aluminium.