Domestic Aluminium

sell scrap aluminium for cash
All of these aluminium pots can be sold as scrap domestic aluminium

Domestic aluminium is any scrap aluminium that is not extruded or cast. Generally scrap aluminium which is painted or coated. Domestic Aluminium can be anything from painted aluminium roofing sheets and guttering to pots and pans (handles removed).

Commonly found where?

  • Pots and pans
  • Roofing sheets
  • Aluminium boats
  • Some car bonnets

Domestic Aluminium Tips:

  1. When selling domestic aluminium make sure that you clean the aluminium by removing the majority of contaminants such as steel, plastic and wooden attachments as most yards will not allow more than 5% contaminants.
  2.  Not all pots and pans are domestic aluminium, some are also cast aluminium, you are able to tell the difference as cast pots and pans are generally thicker and heavier.