Cast Aluminium

Cast Aluminium clean with no attachments

cast aluminium can be sold as scrap for cash
Once the handle is removed this pan can be sold as cast alumi

Cast Aluminium must be clean of all non aluminium attachments and should not include steel bolts, screws or other impurities.


Cast aluminium is created when methods such as die, mould or sand casting are used to temper the aluminum for use in creating components for many different types of products. This type of aluminum is used for a number of items around the house, as well as machinery and other products that are necessary in the manufacturing of a wide range of goods.

One of the most common applications of cast aluminum is in cookware as it is used for skillets, baking pans, and other kitchen essentials as the cookware can withstand the high temperatures required to cook food properly and will remain useful for a number of years with no more than minimal care.

It is also used to create outdoor furniture, including chairs, gliders, and tables, aluminum patio furniture is somewhat more lightweight and can be moved around the place with greater ease than heavier steel options.

Commonly found where?

  • Heavy Pots and pans
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Car and truck engines
  • Car and truck gear boxes


  1. You can normally identify cast aluminium as it is generally heavier than other aluminium, it has not been folded from sheet or extruded.
  2. Cast should be clean from all foreign attachments so remove any handles, screws and nuts and bolts.