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Scrap Lead Prices

Looking for scrap lead prices? is the number one resource for all about scrap metal. The price for scrap lead changes frequently on a irregular basis. So if you got a quote for scrap lead one week, it may differ significantly the following week. The scrap metal prices page outlines a number of factors which can affect the scrap lead prices.

How can I get a better lead price?

Getting  better scrap lead prices can be as simple as removing any contaminants such as steel, plastic, wood or tiles. On the scrap leadpage we have outlined a number of things you can do to upgrade or clean your scrap lead to obtain a better price per Kg/Pound for your scrap lead.

What is the average price for scrap lead ?

As there are a number of different types of scrap lead, we will list some of the most common.

Soft Lead $0.75-1.25 (Australia) or $0.40-0.50 Pound (USA)Lead Wheel Weights $0.20-0.40 (Australia) or $0.25-0.35Pound (USA)

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