Ferrous or Non-ferrous?

Some people who are new to the scrap metal industry ask “what do you mean by the term Non-ferrous and ferrous?” and if you have worked in the industry for some time it may seem like a silly question. However it is important for us to take the time to explain the industry terminology to new people.

Ferrous Metals

In simple terms “Ferrous” means that it contains Iron. Ferrous metals include mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel (sometimes mistaken for non-ferrous due to being non-magnetic”, cast iron and wrought iron. These metals are generally used for their tensile strength and durability, an example being mild steel which is used extensively to build major structures such as bridges and skyscrapers. You will also find ferrous metals in use every day around your home, steel roofs, tools, furniture, knives and forks, stoves, fridges, the car, train tracks and the trains, ships and shipping containers, forklifts and many other uses. Almost everywhere we go and everything we do, ferrous steel is used.

However the downside of using ferrous metals is that they contain high amounts of carbon which in turn makes them vulnerable to rust when exposed to the elements. Although this is not true for stainless steel having a high chromium content protecting it from rust and wrought iron due to it being so iron pure meaning it resists oxidization however you can normally assume if it has rust on it, it is a ferrous metal.

Construction site recycling
Recycling in construction is extremely important for sustainability

The other important factor is that most ferrous metals have a magnetic property which enables us to quickly identify ferrous metals, however stainless steel is normally non-magnetic. I use a simple technique to identify stainless steel from other non-magnetic metals by using a small hand grinder and lightly grinding the edge of the metal if it sparks then it is most likely stainless steel and not aluminium.

Probably one of the most important  factors regarding ferrous metals is that it is the most recycled materials in the world nearly 1.5 billion tons of steel is produced annually and more than a third of that is recycled scrap steel.


Non-ferrous metal is any metal that does not contain Iron (of any appreciable amount). Non-ferrous metals are normally more expensive to buy so have a higher value as a scrap metal than the ferrous metals as they have other desirable properties such as being low weight, corrosion resistant, non-magnetic and have a higher conductivity.

The most common non-ferrous metals that are purchased by scrap metal merchants are aluminium, copper, brass, nickel, tin and lead. Gold and silver are also non-ferrous but are regarded as precious metals.

scrap copper price
scrap copper prices can change without notice. call around for the latest and best scrap copper prices

Tin has a slight magnetic property but is minimal compared to steel.

Tin? A tin can or just a tin is actually made of steel that has been coated on either side with a very thin layer of tin. Steel makes up the main component of the can’s mass, therefore it is the steel that is attracted to a magnet rather than the tin itself. The thin layer of tin prevents the can from rusting.

In general non-ferrous metals are much more scarce than ferrous metals and so command a higher price as scrap metal. The most common practise to determine whether a metal is ferrous or non-ferrous is to use a magnet. A magnet will stick to most ferrous metals and not to most non-ferrous metals.

How to identify if metal is ferrous or non-ferrous


Save the Environment and Make Money

Save the Environment and make Money

Look around, and you will most probably see a lot of things made from metal. From hangers to aluminium cans, a lot are made from different kinds of metals. In recent years, a lot of people have been active in metal recycling as part of the collective movement towards saving the environment from further damage through having excessive waste that negatively affects the ecosystem. More so, aside from just being a demonstration of one’s concern for the environment, metal recycling is also an opportunity for you to earn additional money. You can look for shops around the neighbourhood that are buying scrap metals, and you can easily make money out of it.

It is amazing the amount of money that can be made from selling scrap metal
It is amazing the amount of money that can be made from selling scrap metal
Collecting Metals to be Recycled

Whether you are an individual or a business, there are many ways by which you can collect metal to recycle. For instance, if you are in the construction business, collect unused pipes and other metals. It can be sold, or it can be used in other projects, including interior decors. At home, when cleaning and disposing of stuff, you can also easily find metal you can recycle. More often than not, metal recycling is all about being creative, not only with regards to where you can find metal, but also in terms of what you can do with the scrap metal you have.

Nonetheless, it is important to pay attention to safety when collecting metal. Sharp edges, for instance, can cause injury. Metals with rust can cause infection once it penetrates the skin through cuts. Once you have collected metal, make sure to wash your hands after. If you are trying to pool a larger batch of metal scraps before being brought to the junk shop, it is important to have proper storage, especially if you have kids around the house.

Earning from Metal Recycling 

While it presents an opportunity to earn money, the amount you can collect will all depend on what you will sell. Ferrous metals like iron and steel can be sold, but their value is not that high. You can earn more if you decide to sell non-ferrous metals, which include brass, bronze, stainless steelaluminium, and copper, among others. If you do not know whether it is ferrous or nonferrous, a simple way to check is through the use of a magnet. If the magnet sticks, it is a ferrous metal. If it does not stick, it is non-ferrous metal. Aside from the type of metal, you can also earn more from metal recycling if you choose carefully where to sell. Ask around for their prices and choose one offering the best rates for you to maximise your earnings out of metal recycling.

Brokescrap Mountain

You may remember a while ago, we brought you news about a Sydney scrap metal recycler, St George Metal Recovery, who had a billboard featuring a blonde beauty with the tagline “They are definitely not the largest, but I wouldn’t sell my stuff to anyone else”. Well the bunch of gentlemen who created that have just successfully defended their new billboard from a complaint sent in to the Australian advertisement watchdog.

the broke scrap mountain billboard
The ‘new Broke scrap mountain billboard

The complaint against the billboard claimed: “This advertisement implies that Brokeback Mountain is gay (alluding to the film) and suggests that their service is “straight up”, implying that being ‘gay’ is bad. I find this incredibly offensive and homophobic.”

However, the scrap yard replied saying Brokescrap Mountain is a registered name for the business, adding it was not implying being gay is bad.

The scrap yard has had a previous complaint upheld by the ASB, with the board upholding complaints arguing a billboard which featured a woman in a bikini was exploitative. 

The scrap yard defended the current billboard arguing they assumed “the general consensus with the majority of people who know of the film, irrespective of whether or not they have seen the film think it is a movie about 2 homosexual men, on a mountain?”

They further defended the ad by outlining their “large multi-cultural, professional, homosexual, straight, atheist, religious, different body shaped, customer base which come to us because yes, our service is ‘straight up’ which they argue means honest and fair.

“We aren’t implying that “being ‘gay’ is bad”, you (the complainant) have simply perceived that. What other companies out there big or small are championing equality? This billboard should be celebrated not complained about. There is no way that the 2 directors of our company would get their photos taken, photoshop the hats on, add a wilderness background and hate on homosexuals! How would that make us money?

“At the time it was to be erected (no pun intended), this billboard was to coincide with a private members bill introduced into the Federal Senate by Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm, however delays in the printing process made the erection (had to do it) 3 weeks late,” the scrap yard said in its response to the complaint.

They scrap yard argued put forward that ‘Broke Scrap Mountain’ is one of its registered business names.

In its ruling, the board noted the registered business name of ‘Brokescrap Mountain’ and considered the term ‘straight up’ was not “of itself discriminatory towards homosexuals”. The board ruled the ad did not portray or depict material which discriminates against or vilifies a person or section of the community, thus the complaint was dismissed.

Stealing Scrap Does not Pay!

WESTFIELD, Mass. (The Westfield News) – A Springfield man was ordered to pay a local construction company $47.05 in restitution, among other fines, in Westfield District Court Friday.

Jesus Medina-Viera, 23, of 50 Windsor Street, Springfield, submitted to facts sufficient to warrant a guilty finding on charges of larceny under $250 and trespassing brought by Westfield Police after the owner of a local construction company came upon a man and a Chevrolet pickup truck on Fuller Construction’s Union Street property.

In the court’s statement of facts, the owner of the property, Don Fuller, said he confronted the individual shortly before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 17. The man said he had permission from the owner to take scrap metal from the property, which is adorned with a “No Trespassing” sign.

When Fuller identified himself as the owner of the property and told the man to put back the scrap metal he had already loaded onto his truck, the man drove off with the items, which included steel doors, rebar, and assorted pieces of aluminum.

Fuller was able to get the plate off the vehicle, which was found to be registered to a Norma Medina of Springfield, who Westfield Police spoke to the day after the theft. Medina said her brother Jesus Medina-Viera had borrowed the truck the day before.

Authorities discovered that Medina-Viera had sold the materials – 440 pounds of steel, 34 pounds of aluminum and six pounds of dirty wire – to Chet’s Auto Wrecking in Springfield at 10:48 a.m. on April 17 and received $47.05 for the assorted metals.

Westfield Detective Anthony Tsatsos said in the statement of facts that he spoke with Medina-Viera, who he said admitted to taking the metal but maintained that he had permission from the owner to do so, at which time Tsatsos informed him that he would be charged with larceny under $250 and trespassing.

After submitting to facts sufficient to warrant a guilty finding on both charges Friday, Medina-Viera was given a continuance without finding until February 27, 2015, and was ordered to pay $390 in fees, in addition to the $47.05 to Fuller.

This article was reproduced from http://wwlp.com Read the full article.

My opinion is simple, Stealing Scrap a crime, is a low act and anyone who does steal scrap should be punished to the full extent of the law!

Metal Recycling in Developing Countries

Metal Recycling In Developing Countries

Metal has been stated to be capable of being used so many times. This is a theory that many people believe now, which became the center of practice in recycling metals. Using metal for many times can also minimize the necessity to mine as well as process materials. Thus, it can lead to saving substantial amount of energy as well as water. And, while this is enabled, environmental degradation is also minimized. This means that when recycling of metals is raised worldwide, the risk of low-carbon transition can be minimized and a resource-efficient green economy can be formed. All of these will be possible while assistance in generating job is being taken care of.

That is what the Executive Director of UNEP has said. It is stated in the report concerning metal recycling that there are three things that can efficiently help in boosting this area of the industry. These are:

  • Creation of smarter product designs
  • Providing support to developing countries concerning waste management plans
  • Encouraging households in developed countries to avoid saving of old electronic goods in their closets and drawers.

It is also stated in the report that metal recycling rates in most cases are lower compared to its potential to be reused. From the report, only one third percent and less have a rate of over 50% in end of life recycling. Only 34 elements are under less than one percent for recycling. However, many of these elements are necessary in cleaning technologies like batteries which are meant for hybrid car usage and magnet for wind turbines.

Many of the countries are now making an effort in metal recycling. But, there is still an issue in this since the rate of metal recycling is so low. Even the establishment of a recycling society seems like a distant hope only.

Even with the efforts put on recycling metals in some developed countries, it is still seen as something that would not work. That development of national recycling plans, financing as well as transferring of high-tech equipment is still not enough. There are other countries that thought of building a state of art recycling plants. However, the establishment of this was held back due to the lack of comprehensive collection network. The competition from lower cost informal sector also contributed to the plan to have these recycling plants.

Fortunately, not all developed countries are experiencing the same results in their effort to have comprehensive metal recycling plans. It was cited in a report that Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia and Morocco have the potential to bring in state of the art recycling technologies. It is due to the fact that these countries’ informal waste sector is rather small.

As of now, there are organizations and programs that helped these countries learn about what can help in establishing practices that are more sustainable. Once these developing countries learn more about metal recycling and how it can be done efficiently, the possibility of getting the benefits from it will begin. Energy consumption and utilization of other materials will be reduced and less material will be directed to landfills. And soon, there is the possibility of a greener society to be developed.

Why E-waste is not working

E-waste Recycling – Why It Is Not Working

Over the past 2 decades, the use of electronic products has grown substantially, changing the speed and the way people communicate and how they get entertainment and information. According to the CEA/Consumer Electronics Association, most American citizens own approximately 24 electronic products per household. However, by donating used and old electronics, it extends the valuable product’s life. E-waste recycling prevents valuable resources from going into the waste streams and eventually, landfills. Consumers and buyers now have lots of choices to donate or recycle their used electronics for reuse. Many TV, mobile and computer manufacturers and electronic retailers offer some kind of sponsor or take back recycling events.

Half of the states in the US have laws on recycling and disposal of electronics and several states now consider passing the same laws. Unluckily, not every e-recycle follows environmentally recycling practices. Responsible electronic refurbishes and recyclers can now become certified by demonstrating to an independent, accredited 3rd party that they meet available standards on responsible recycling practices. Anyone can research about the E-waste recycling certification for more details.

In the first place, preventing waste is a preferable waste management option which includes recycling. Donating still operating electronics extends its life and keeps it out of the landfills or waste stream in the long run. In addition to its eco friendly alternative, reuse also benefits the society and the public. By simply donating used electronics, you allow non-profit orgs, schools and lower income families to attain equipment that they couldn’t afford otherwise. Through e-waste recycling, make sure that your item can still be used. Donation orgs have no or limited resources and employees to repair and diagnose hardware. A working, functional system of your PC, particularly the wiring, monitor and software licenses is an enormous advantage and requires less upgrading than an incomplete, non-working computer.

Electronic wastes are not just a waste as it contains some highly toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead, brominated flame retardants and beryllium. It also creates additional toxins when burned at low temperatures like furans and halogenated dioxins. Toxic materials in electronics can cause reproductive disorders, cancer as well as other health conditions if such waste stream isn’t properly managed. Sadly, there’s only a little percentage of e-waste being recycled. There’s no guarantee that taking it to any recycling center makes it recycled. There is only a small percentage of the waste being sent to recycling agencies. The remainder is often burned or dumped either in incinerators or in formal landfills or informally burned or dumped.

You have to ask yourself wether e-waste recycling is actually working
Is E-Waste Recycling really working?

Because of such inappropriate disposal methods of recycling electronic wastes, there is a big chance of having pollution in the environment from soil to air. Contamination is what this improper disposal of waste results in. E-waste has been an issue for the past years and the development of technology makes it even worse and extremely a crisis today. Therefore, e-waste recycling could not be the solution to the growing number of electronic wastes in the world and is not even working at all.


Billboard Complaint

The full Sydney Morning Herald Article

The Advertising Standards Authority Upheld Complaint

scrap yard billboard
Image of the billboard that was complained about


The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) has upheld a complaint against the Rockdale business, ruling that its billboard had breached a code that directs advertisers not to employ sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative and degrading.

The billboard, which was erected in Sydney earlier this year, showed a blonde woman in a bikini kneeling on a beach, alongside the name of the business and the words: “They are definitely not the largest. But I wouldn’t sell my stuff to anyone else”.

The complaint:

“The billboard is a blatant display of sexual objectification with a scantily clad, heavily photoshopped, blonde woman in a bikini posing suggestively…,” the person complained.
“What in the world does that have to do with scrap metal??? It is sexist, predatory and offensive.”
I must not all that respectfully disagree with this approach. Sex sells. Not much else does, in fact. Bikini-clad scrap metal wouldn’t sell anything like as well. How do you make scrap metal interesting? It’s not, to most people, except alloy addicts.
The wording may be ambiguous. “They” actually refers to the firm in question. Not boobs, not buns, not some form of prostitution. Selling scrap metal isn’t sexy. The problem is that the complaint is wrong. People sell scrap metal to dealers. So talking about selling is relevant to the service.
Should beautiful women in bikinis on beaches be allowed to sell scrap metal to scrap metal yards?
There’s no law stopping them from doing so. There is no dress code requirement to sell scrap metal. Some might say that it might affect prices, but that’s not illegal either. What if it’s a hot day and she’s on her way to the beach?

Who is being exploited? The viewer, presumably.

Who is being degraded? Not a person, but a theory of the image of women. That may be a basis in principle, but try avoiding women in bikinis, anywhere in any kind of media.
Does this “heavily photoshopped” person actually exist? Not necessarily. The oldest trick in digital manipulation is to create a fictional, therefore not payable, model.
Predatory? How? Who’s being stalked as a result of this sign? Or is the theory that nobody can look at a billboard without becoming an instant misogynist?
One person complained. Not the other 4.5 million people in Sydney. Has public offence been given? Not noticeably. Go to Bondi Beach or any other beach in Sydney just about any time, and you’ll be awash in women in bikinis. Anyone offended? Nope.
A question of priorities
This is a society where the whereabouts of the genitalia of celebrities gets more real time coverage than actual wars which kill hundreds of thousands of people. Where a pair of boobs, real or imaginary, is more relevant than a collapsing society. Where chronic violence against women gets an occasional grudging mention, despite god only knows how many deaths and how much misery. Where the inability to understand basic sentences isn’t an issue, but some kid in a bikini is a cause for outrage.
Obscenity really is in the mind of the beholder. The scrap yard said :
“We also believe this to be a discriminating comment aimed at any beautiful woman who has ever had a half decent photo taken of them,”
The Board found:
….”the woman sells herself”.
(This refers to the “they’re not the largest” comment and assumes that any use of the word “they” by a woman, refers to her bust size. Just for the record, plural pronouns have been used by women for other purposes. Even the Brontes and Virginia Woolf.)
“The Board considered that the text, accompanying the image of a woman posing in a bikini which has no relevance to the product, amounts to a depiction that makes use of the woman’s sexual appeal in a manner that is both exploitative of and degrading to women,” the board said in upholding the complaint.
Ahem — In theory, the millions of photos of women in bikinis advertising tourist resorts has nothing to do with booking a hotel room, booking plane flights, chartering a yacht, or signing up for a sightseeing tour.
The company will change the wording to:
“They are definitely not the largest scrap yard. But I wouldn’t sell my scrap anywhere else.”
Talk about “empowerment.” So the other millions of blatantly exploitative magazines, websites, ads, etc., continue to publish actual pornography, and a scrap metal yard, of all things, is penalized.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of scrappingguide.info

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/odd+news/op-ed-discriminating-against-beautiful-blondes-in-bikinis-yep/article/386383#ixzz34Tql4ljs

Scrap Metal Dealer

The Benefits of Having a Local Scrap Metal Dealer, Buyer or Merchant

Scrap metal is everywhere. From pieces of metal left over after the manufacturing process to consumable products that end up leaving metal behind after their usefulness has ended, humans generate a lot of scrap metal. But scrap is much different than waste. Whereas waste retains no monetary value after being used, scrap has monetary value—in some cases very significant monetary value. Waste has no monetary value because, once it is consumed it has no further use. Waste cannot be reused or recycled. Scrap on the other hand can be recycled, which is what gives scrap its monetary value.

 What is a Scrap Metal Buyer/Merchant?

A scrap metal buyer (sometimes referred to as a scrap metal merchant) buys scrap metal from the public or businesses and then sells the scrap metal they purchase to recycling facilities (or to a smelter). Most scrap metal buyers purchase scrap by weight and, often times also by type of metal. Some metals (like copper) have higher value that other metals (like steel) and it benefits the seller to find a buyer or merchant that pays accordingly.

The scrap metal buyer or merchant should not be confused with the wrecker. A wrecker is very concerned with the form the metal is currently in, whereas the scrap metal buyer is only concerned with the metal itself. Where a wrecker will pay one price for an engine that is working and a lower price for an engine that is not working, the scrap metal buyer will pay the same amount for each engine because they are only paying for the weight of the metal. A wrecker will commonly send items they cannot sell for a price above the value of the metal to a scrap metal buyer who will then pay them based on the metal content and weight of the items.

Benefits to the Environment

One of the major benefits that the local scrap metal buyer provides is the impact they can have on the environment. By purchasing scrap metal the local scrap metal buyer or merchant provides an incentive to not throw the metal away, but rather to sell the metal to the local scrap metal buyer—few people will throw away something they can sell for cash. This keeps valuable metal out of landfills, but it also has other valuable benefits to the environment.

It takes much more energy and consumes far greater resources to produce steal from virgin iron ore than it does to recycle scrap metal. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency using recycled scrap metal over virgin iron ore provides a 70% reduction in energy usage, 90% savings in raw material usage, 86% reduction in air pollution, 40% less water is needed, 76% reduction in water pollution, and a 97% reduction in mining waste. Aluminum and copper have even higher energy savings when scrap metal is used over virgin ore. Recycling scrap copper realizes an 85% energy savings and recycling aluminum reduces energy usage by 95%.

 Benefits of Being Local

Obviously scrap metal buyers or merchants provide a useful service and benefit the environment. But if there aren’t any local scrap metal buyers or merchants people are less likely to sell their scrap metal and the above benefits come to nothing. While most people will agree that it’s better to sell scrap metal rather than throw it away, thus condemning it to the landfill, few people are going to travel great distances to realize that benefit. The financial gain has to be in relationship to the effort required by the seller, and traveling great distances quickly negates any financial gain for the average person.

Having a local scrap metal buyer or merchant also has great benefits for local businesses as well. Construction companies will often generate an amount, and some a great amount, of scrap metal. Having a local buyer for this scrap metal, especially one who can assist in the removal of the scrap metal, proves to be a huge benefit to the local construction company, as well as the community as a whole since that scrap metal would likely end up in a landfill if not for the local scrap metal buyer or merchant.

More on community recycling

Community Recycling

Recycling has become an international issue, and there are many countries where people are strongly advised to recycle in order to avoid pollution and to help the environment. Recycling is not a difficult job and it doesn’t involve any extra effort, and yet, there are many individuals who prefer the commodity of not recycling. Taking this in consideration, there have been started several programs that inform people about the benefits of recycling, which are actually much more than just helping the environment.

There is an increasing number of people who have started recycling, and there are also many start-ups that promote themselves thanks to their green strategy of helping the environment. Additionally, there are many important people and large companies that have taken a stand in order to save the planet. Thanks to their example, there are even more people who have decided to involve in recycling activities.

  1. Why should people recycle?

Recycling has managed to become an everyday issue, and people take a very firm stand when it comes to this subject. The main question people ask is whether recycling is helpful or not. This is an adequate question, especially because recycling is somehow a new activity. Even if there are many followers and a great number of individuals who are willing to recycle, there are many more who feel the need to be clarified.

  1. Benefits of community recycling

As you well know, recycling has many benefits, and all of them are taken into account every time someone decides to start this activity. Here you have a list with the most important benefits of recycling, as follows:

–         Pollution. Everyone knows about the dangers of pollution. The truth is that mankind had a way of exploring all the riches of this planet without taking a second look at the harm that has been caused. Now that these riches are almost over and the planet is not in the same shape as it used to be, everyone is preoccupied about the future.

–         Economy. Some of the recycling methods actually help a country’s economy, saving both time and money. Therefore, instead of burning all the unnecessary materials, one can easily find a different purpose to all the metals and plastic objects that are all around us. For instance, from the aluminum can recycling one can easily create other objects.


  1. Consequences of community recycling

One of the most important consequences of community recycling is the fact that people are able to get involved in the process of helping the environment, being aware about the importance of recycling. Once they have managed to make this step, they can easily make a change in their lives in order to lead a healthy and civic life, helping the environment. Even if no one can prevent the pollution, the truth is that we all have the possibility to reduce it as much as possible. Therefore, the future of this planet lies in the hands of those who are taking action in the present. Luckily, all the consequences are great, and therefore people are able to get the best.

  1. Why are many countries interested in recycling?

If you are willing to take a closer look to this issue, you will see that there are many countries who are actually interested in community recycling, helping their citizens with anything they can in order to recycle as much as possible.

  1. Creating a powerful community

First of all, a country is based on its community, and therefore it is essential that people come together whenever it is needed. In this way, any country is able to become more powerful. People tend to become better whenever they are involved in community activities. In this way they get to know each other, making plans together, and working for a common cause.

  1. Helping the economy

Many countries, including the US, are promoting community recycling because this is a great way of improving the economy of a certain country. In this way, the state pays attention to anything that may be the best solution. Nowadays there are many large companies, but also many start-ups that actually use recycling in order to promote their business, helping the environment. When it comes to metals, it has been proven that recycling is a cheaper way if getting the same materials that would have been taken in their raw form. Therefore, it is no doubt that recycling actually helps the economy, creating many work opportunities, and therefore a better lifestyle.

  1. How to create a successful business based on recycling

If you want to take recycling to the next level, you can start a business based on this issue. If you will look around you will see that there are many people who have managed to become successful after they have started a business based on recycling. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can also succeed. In this way you will have the satisfaction of doing something that actually helps the environment. First of all you will need a business plan, and secondly you will need a great marketing strategy. In this way you will be able to get exactly what you need.

  1. The aluminum can recycling and other metals. Benefits and consequences

There are many metals that are recycled, and therefore you can easily contribute in the recycling process. However, the most recycled metal is the aluminum can, and therefore you have the right to know more about the aluminum can recycling. First of all, you have to throw all the aluminum cans in the same place, separating them from the rest of the garbage. This is a simple process that takes only a few minutes, and therefore you won’t have to do any effort. After the aluminum cans are collected and taken to the recycling centers, they are cleaned, being ready for reprocessing. After this, there is a re-melt process that brings the aluminum in its initial form, removing the extra coating and the ink. In this way it is obtained the ingot, which is a large aluminum block. Usually the ingots are rolled out, providing to the aluminum more strength and flexibility. Therefore, it is easy to create new cans, chocolate wrapping, and ready meal packaging. As you can see, this is a simple process that can be repeated over and over again. This process saves time, energy, money, and helps to improve the environment by reducing pollution, and it starts with you realizing the importance of the aluminum can recycling. As you can see, if you are willing to start this amazing recycling initiative you will be able to create a better world.


Military Recycling

Metal Recycling Ideas for The Military

Recycling is a process that involves making use or reconditioning of products or materials for it to be used again. The process shows promising results in conserving natural resources once it is done correctly. It can lower the impact of goods as well as services production that uses new virgin materials. Recycling is a good thing since there are a lot of materials that can be possibly used again for other productions. These include batteries, paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, organic matter, motor oil, metal and many more.

Each industry has a set of materials that it commonly accumulates. In the military, metal materials are the common items that are collected from them. Some are properly disposed, but a larger portion is still not. This just adds to the waste being collected and dumped in landfills. It is a good thing that there companies that made it their goal to give assistance to the military in throwing away military surplus, including metal. However, it is still not enough action since there are still a lot of military wastes that are not dealt with properly. But, some military metal recycling ideas can show efficient result in this.

Some of the Already Practiced Military Metal Recycling Ideas That Need to Get Established More

Steel Reclaiming from Old Vessels

There have been records that the military is helping in metal recycling. There are even programs that are made for this purpose. The Ship Disposal Program by the U.S. Navy is just one of these. The program involves ship breaking so that steel can be reclaimed from old vessels.

Artificial Reef

The ecosystem is continuously getting damaged because of the practices of people. And, because of this, even the wild becomes affected. The living animals under the sea are just one of the most affected ones. As time passes, more and more coral reefs are getting ruined, leaving sea animals with no home. The good thing is that ships can be sunk for an artificial reef to be created. It is just one of the military metal recycling ways that are being practiced. It not only conserves landfills, but also provides a home for sea creatures.

Shielding and Armor-Piercing Shells

In this military metal recycling idea, the military collects and makes use of uranium. It is a dense metal with qualities similar to titanium and lead. It is a metal material that is being used both in industrial and military uses. The military uses it as a material in processing fuel, nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. The leftover from the production is called depleted uranium, which is the main material being used for shielding and armor-piercing shells.

Benefits of Military Metal Recycling

The Earth comes with a limited quantity of ore, which is used in creating metal products. The mining itself already involves energy just to extract the ores. Also, these raw ores extracted from the Earth contain other products or substances that are not good and with no use. Thus, the ores still need to be removed with these impurities, which is costly. But, with the use of military metal recycling, these costs can be avoided and metal products can still be made out of it. The pollution that it contributes is also reduced. These are the reasons why it is essential to make use of used metals than to throw it away.