Identify Scrap Metal

Follow the links below to help identify scrap metal types you have-

For this guide you will need a couple of items such as a magnet, a angle grinder and or a file.
Remember when using power tools you should always wear personal protective equipment

Please note that this survey is intended only as a guide to help identify scrap metal types. This short survey is not intended to replace expert advice.

To identify scrap metal types you have you will first need a magnet.

Step 1

Does a magnet stick to your scrap?

Magnets are the best way to identify scrap metal types you may have and is valuable or not
When scrapping always have a magnet handy

 YES             NO


More information – The reason you need a magnet to help identify scrap metal is because magnets only stick to ferrous metal. That is any metal with iron in it. To be an effective scrap metal collector and seller one of the first tools you will need to acquire is a magnet.

Why should I identify scrap metal?

There are many different types of scrap metal. Within those different types of scrap metal there are different grading’s. Now all of these different grades of scrap metal all attract a different price per Kg. For example, scrap copper can be $5Kg and Scrap steel could be as little as $0.05Kg.

At the end of the day it is entirely up to you if you want to throw away your money, however by learning to identify scrap metal it greatly increases your chance of getting a better return for your scrap metal.