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Why should I Advertise Scrap Metal Services with you?

For the time is  free to list . If that is not reason enough I don’t know what is… I mean, would it hurt to submit your website?

Who can advertise with scrappingguide?

If you are a metal collector/gatherer, a scrap metal yard, a wrecking yard, or are just involved in the scrap metal industry in anyway, you can advertise for free with us. From the USA to Australia, Canada to the UK, we have already had business owners send through their details.

But you don’t even have any listed now?

At the moment is in the process of compiling a database of both Scrap Metal and wrecking yards and also the small time scrap metal collectors who collect scrap from peoples houses or businesses. You should advertise scrap metal with us NOW!

I am still not convinced…

Look if you are a Scrap Metal yard, Scrap Metal Buyer, Collector or Gatherer, it wont hurt to spend 30 seconds of your time to enter a few details about your company or service. Remember to advertise scrap metal services is free  but will not stay free forever.

Still not convinced even now?

If you don’t want to advertise scrap metal services on think about this. We don’t THINK we will become one of the largest resources of information on scrap metal… WE KNOW WE WILL! Don’t let this opportunity to get a free business listing with us slip away. The last thing you will want is to check back in a year and find that we have had a major response and have decided to charge for new listings.

Here is an extra incentive…

To advertise scrap metal services on Scrappingguide is hassle free just enter your details in to the form below. Also, the email you provide in the form below will NOT be emailed by us with promotions or newsletters. The only time we will is if we need to confirm or check anything with your listing… THAT IS ALL.

Our Main Goal

Our main goal is the success of this web site. By not focussing on sending you newsletters or updates wasting your time and ours means were focusing more on promoting this site. Promoting this site with your business or service listing equally means promotion of your site service, business or both.

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