Tools Needed For Scrapping

Depending on what you intend to scrap you will require at least a few basic tools or if you are getting serious about scrapping and want to make some serious cash then you will need to invest in some good equipment.

When we started scrapping some years ago we used mainly hand tools like screw drivers, hammers, side cutters etc. However today we use battery operated hand tools for almost everything, this has dramatically reduced the time taken to pull scrap apart. We can now pull a motor from a household appliance in less than 30 seconds, which used to take up to 5 mins.

(When using power tools it is really important to ensure the tool being used is in a safe condition. Make sure you also wear appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, protective eyewear and also hearing protection for your ears)

If you can afford to buy the interchangeable battery operated tools and have extra batteries and chargers then you don’t have to worry about power cables getting in the way. We use impact drills, grinders, demo saws and various other attachments.