Selling Scrap Metal Tips

So you have your pile of scrap metal, you are eager to get some cash, so you are wandering where do I start? Well read on for some selling scrap metal tips.

Sort Your Scrap

Sort your scrap metal out in to the different types. Be sure to use a magnet to determine if there is any ferrous metals present(magnets only stick to steel). If need be you can try our scrap metal identifier to help identify your scrap.

Call Around Different Scrap Yards

Call around the different scrap metal yards in your area. On the right side of this page there is a map you can click on to find a local metal recycler in your area to sell your scrap metal to.

selling scrap metal tips can land you with cash
This is what could be in store for you after reading our selling scrap metal tips

Bear in mind some yards may offer a better price, however they may be a bit further away. So if you have say 10Kg of copper and one yard 1Km away offers you $5Kg and another yard 20Km away offers $6Kg, you have to think if it really is worthwhile spending time travelling, petrol cost travelling an extra 20Km in either direction for an extra $10.

At The Scrap Yard

When you are at the scrap metal yard, make sure the scales being used were at zero, and if not make a note what the starting weight is. If you feel something is not right, question it. Always remember you can take back your scrap metal before they have paid you. No one is forcing you to  sell to any particular scrap metal dealer.

Selling Scrap Metal Tips Review

  • Sort your scrap metal
  • Identify your scrap metal
  • Call Around for best prices
  • Sell your scrap metal