Scrap around the house


Here we will discuss where around your home you can find scrap metal.

The kitchen is the room in your house, which is likely to have the most amount of items which can be sold to a scrap metal dealer.

stainless steel cuttlery
sell cutlery as stainless steel scrap

Cutlery and metal cooking Utensils could be Stainless Steel
Pots and pans can be made from Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Steel
Small Kitchen appliances such as Toasters and food processors.
Whitegoods such as Fridges and microwaves can also be sold to your local scrap metal dealer.

The Laundry-
The laundry you might think to be an odd place to have scrap metal lying about, however you may be surprised what can be scrapped for cash at your local scrap metal dealer.
Items such as the washing machine and clothes drier, your ironing board (if metal of course) even your iron can be taken to a scrap yard for some cash.

scrap washing machine for cash
sell your washing machine as scrap metal for cash

The Bathroom-
If you thought that finding scrap metal in your laundry was a tough find, how much scrap do you think is in your bathroom? Have a look below and you may be pleasantly surprised.
The obvious one here is the brass taps and handles on the vanity, in the bath and in the shower, even the shower head can all be sold as brass to your scrap metal dealer. Items like the toilet roll and towel holders can be made from stainless steel or brass. Even the toilet scrubber can be sold as scrap metal (if it is made from metal that is, some are plastic)

Living and Bed Rooms-
Now surprising it may be to find that items such as extension leads can be sold off for a quick dollar. Old electrical, data/telephone cables, metal type appliances such as stereos and computer towers, any of the cabling from the computers all these can be sold to a scrap metal dealer for some extra cash money.

Sell your lawn mower for scrap
Sell your lawn mower for scrap

Outdoor and the Garage-
The list here is endless, starting with the outdoor area you have items like BBQ’s, outdoor table and chairs, metal fire pits, fencing and even your tv antenna can all be sold to your local scrap metal dealer. In the garage items could include lawn mowers, hand tools, power tools, electrical cable… the list here is endless.