Air Conditioners

Air conditioners, nearly every house has one, and if they don’t everyone knows what they are yes? But what everyone does not know is the value of scrap that is inside these appliances.

Air conditioner scrap
There is a trove of treasure in this air conditioner, just waiting to be opened

Depending on the air conditioner you have there is a number of different types of scrap metal that can be extracted from a scrap air conditioner. Scrap such as copper pipe, brass fittings, aluminium and copper radiators (some countries, companies, and people refer to these as condensers), not to mention the compressor unit and electric motors. Extracting the compressor alone can nearly double your money.

Dismantling these units is not as hard as one may think. You will need some tools do dismantle, tools like a drill and a angle grinder will be a good start. Remember if you are going to do this you NEED to ensure that there is no gas in the unit. If you are unsure don’t attempt to dismantle it. It is ILLEGAL in most countries and states to knowingly release the gasses also called refrigerants or fluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

window mounted air conditioner
Window mounted Air conditioner, although different from the first picture is just as valuable internally

The gasses inside fridges and washing machines are one of the cases of the holes in the ozone layer. They are even reportedly contributing to global warming. It is not only air conditioners that have these gasses, they are also present in fridges and freezers.

Air Conditioner How to dismantle

1) To begin with, you will want to remove the screws attaching the main cover to the frame.

2) Once the cover has been removed, using a pair of side cutters of angle grinder cut the copper pipe attached to the aluminium copper radiator. You will need to do this in two places.

3) Unscrew the screws holding the aluminium copper radiator in place. Remove the Radiator.

4) Again using the side cutters or angle grinder, cut the remaining copper pipe from the compressor unit. Remove the copper pipe .

5) Using a socket set or spanner, undo the nuts holding the black compressor in place. Remove the compressor.

6) Using the drill unscrew the bracket holding the electric motor and fan and remove from the unit.

7) By now all you should be left with is the base plate on which everything was attached to. There maybe the odd brass fitting and pieces of electrical wire which should be cut off and kept aside.