How To Scrap

As a scrap metal dealer we normally would buy a type of  scrap metal and then resell it without upgrading it to a higher quality product unless we are able to do so with out incurring to much labour cost however if you have the time then it may be worth while pulling items apart and separating the different types of metals. An example of this would be a washing machine, if you just rock up with the washing machine intact them you can only expect to get Black Iron prices for it and as we have mentioned already a lot of scrap dealers do not even pay for Black Iron. However if you take the time to pull it apart then you can extract the motor which can also be pulled apart further to recover the copper and aluminium.

In some washing machines there is a stainless steel bowl that can be removed but first check with a magnet that it is a high quality stainless and not just steel. If it is stainless the magnet will not stick to it.  Quite often the lid on the top loaders is made from aluminium  but once again use the magnet to make sure it is not magnetic. The power cable can be cut and sold as copper cable or stripped removing all plastic  to upgrade to Copper Bright and Shiny.

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