Scrap Metal Guide is a scrap metal guide and everything about it is what we are about. We provide information to educate the public about any thing scrap metal. From expected prices, preparation and even how to talk to a merchant. We will soon have a page dedicated to scrap recycling for kids.

If your yard looks like this then you need this to bookmark us
If your yard looks like this then you need this to bookmark us

You can make alot of money if you know how to identify, separate and then sell your scrap metal and we would hate for you to short change yourself or get ripped off due to a lack of knowledge.

On you will find all the information you need. There is a very informative scrap metal guide  outlining all the common types of scrap metal that you may encounter. As most people get their scrap metal from around the home, here is a page explaining what scrap you may find around your home. We also appreciate feedback, so if you think our site is missing something, or we have something that  doesn’t look right please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact us form.

scrap metal pile
pile of scrap metal

If you are a scrap metal dealer and would like to advertise with us please make contact. was created and is currently maintained by 2 scrap metal merchants. We do have a little bit of knowledge about what we are talking about however we are still learning and are keen to learn. If however you see that we have or are displaying incorrect information please let us know.

Please Note:

We intend this site to be informative only, as we are not the authority on scrap metal, only two blokes sharing what we now know after an up hill climb in the scrap metal game.

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